• Hub network rolls out

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    Although the season is coming to a close, Food Link is hoping to expand its future operations to build an island-wide local food community. It is also hoped to extend the 2021 season for some producers over the Christmas period.

    The aim is to play a pivotal role in the development of a healthy food economy on the island for the future with the emphasis on fresh, local and minimal environmental impact.

    The van provides a vital link between Skye and Lochalsh producers and their business and domestic customers. By using one vehicle to distribute fresh produce around the area, Food Link aims to support a growing number of diverse producers and consumers by:

    • connecting local producers to new markets
    • increasing profit margins of local producers
    • increasing the use and production of local food
    • reducing the hefty costs in time and money of distribution
    • reducing food wastage by ordering produce in advance
    • making local food more accessible to communities
    • creating a healthy and co-ordinated local food infrastructure
    • boosting economic development in Skye and Lochalsh
    • minimising the carbon footprint of food distribution around Skye and Lochalsh

    The hubs act as a collection point for local consumers who order and pay for their food directly from the producer in advance.

    There are a small number of producers taking part this year and are expecting to expand this list as the project gains momentum:

    • Isle of Skye Smoked Salmon, Ard Dorch
    • Isle of Skye Fresh Produce, Orbost
    • Skye Coffee Roasters, Breakish
    • MacLennan’s Isle of Skye Black Pudding, Harlosh
    • Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company, Dunvegan
    • West Coast Organics, Roag
    • Loch Eishort Mussel Culture, Sleat

    The hub network began last year as a reaction to Covid-19 restrictions when businesses were unable to operate and local produce was going to waste through lack of movement and a drop in demand. Over the course of pandemic restrictions, the Food Link van provided a vital service in connecting domestic customers to local producers.

    This year, Food Link received a generous grant from the Regional Food Fund to set up a network of permanent hubs to serve our business and domestic customers.

    Some of the benefits of being a Food Link hub for a local business are:

    • exposure to new customers
    • gaining trust and respect for supporting local producers
    • playing a bit part in the future of a healthy local food economy for Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh and
    • gaining marketing and promotion opportunities via the Food Link website and social media.

    PLEASE NOTE: Food Link producers will NOT sell directly to customers through any hubs that already stock their products.

    Any business in Skye and Lochalsh wishing to become a Food Link hub is asked to contact tastelocalskye@gmail.com and you will be added to the growing list.

    The Food Link has been supported by the Regional Food Fund which is delivered by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership with funding from Scottish Government.